Help! My Healthlight needs repair!

From time to time, your Healthlight may malfunction or need repair. In most cases, simple repairs will be covered by the costs shown below, however more severe problems may require higher repair cost.

Click here to return your Healthlight product for repair - otherwise please call us on 888 395-3040 Ext 110 for support for your Healthlight product.

Estimate of HealthLight repair costs - Out of Warranty repairs:

You must pay the cost of repairs and postage, both ways, up front, by credit card or bank debit (ACH). Upon receiving payment we will dispatch the replacement device/accessory the same/next day. If you fail to return the defective "core" unit(s) within 14 days we will charge your same credit card or debit your same account for the full amount of the controller units. This is known as a "core" charge and ranges from $600 to $1850 depending on the accessory or controller.

Cost of repairs (US dollars):

• Any pad/controller $100

Standard Shipping: Flat $15 for UPS Ground / Fed Ex Ground / USPS Priority Mail

Expedited Shipping: Flat $85 for UPS/Fed Ex/Express Mail Overnight (M-F)

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